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so im gunna start my cut through i soon as i find a new bed for my 1987 s10 gunna go with a dreadnaut ported into the cab, its 1100rms dvc 2ohms, curent set up 2cvrs and a8002t seald, so 2 questions, if i run the dreadnaut of the audiobahn (bridged @4ohms 800rms) would it be alrigght for a while until i get a abetter amp, and secondly how much louder will the dreadnaut be then the cvrs( 2 10's seald) the dreadnaut will be a 15...thanks in advance

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800 will be fine, but 1200-1500 would be better. as for loudness, probally around 6db's im guessing, plus low bass will have a lot more authority. PS im glad some1 finally chose a sub other than fi.

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thanks dustin....was gunna go with a juggernaut 1400rms but the dreadnaut is said to have much better sq and im giong more for an sql system...u think i could go as far as to put 1500 to it...? keep in mind to i only have a 150amp alt and a yellow top guna be running 1/0awg, will i be able to run 1500 for the sub and say another 60 for the mids....?...amp i want is a sundown audio (1500@1ohm)...

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You have enough alternator and adding the battery your voltage should stay at 14.4 if not above it...
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