Whihc is louder


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is a 12w7 louder than a 12 fi q???are these two subs even comparable???

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no, they aren't comparable. one is twice the price of the other

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Bobby, why haven't you gone to a JL dealer yet? They will give you a FREE demo on 12W7 in a HO box. You can judge it for yourself. I have 12W7 HO box, so I'm telling you it's very loud for a car.

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^^^^^yep its insanely loud. you would think there are 2 subs in the car.

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i went to a dealer and they have nothing hooked up to show me....if the price was the same..would they compare they both pump out about 1000 watts????

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would they compare at all....does the fi Q have better sq then the 12w7..they both pump out 1000 watts....pretend price was the same..which is better overall for daily driving and having fun with???????

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ive heard a q b4 and it was loud and sounded awesome... fi q ftw!

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fi Q FTW i wouldnt pay souble it for a sub that sounds just as good

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i think the sq on the q is alot better but the w7 will have more spl.

what's this, 7-8 threads and counting, for the same ? with no subs yet:-)
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