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Isaac do you know where to buy JL HO box's from ?

I have a JL 500/1 right now and a 12w6v2 in a sealed 1.25 net box. It is very tight and accurate but does'nt get loud enough in my sedan with the rear deck and seats etc...

I could either try getting a ported box built to JL specs or whatever suits my car best


Give the HO BOX a try with my current setup.

Whould you have any recommendations and do you know what frequency the HO BOX's are generally tuned to ?

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Hey MO, congrats on your baby.
The HO boxes are designed for W7s. I'm sure it'll still sound good on 12W6. I couldn't get much detailed info on HO boxes. It seems JL doesn't want anyone to duplicate it.
Best place to get HO boxes cheap is still eBay. If you went to an authorized JL dealer or JL direct, it'll cost you as much as a sub.
If you haven't heard a demo of HO box, try it at least once. I was surprised at SQ as well as SPL. Although the demo was 10W7 in HO box, it sounded louder than 2 12" subs. Inside the car, the sound got so loud, I had to cover my ears, mainly due to low bass sound pressure.
If you can, you could sell your subs and upgrade to 10W7 in a HO box. Last time I checked eBay, some people sold it for under $450. The cheapest I saw was around $320.
I am certain for your application, you won't be disappointed at all.
On another thing, on the demo car, the guy's rear seat vibrated like paper against the frame. Didn't expect that from a single 10" sub.

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i saw a w6 with an ho box it was really impressive

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yeah the w6 sounds amazing in a HO box

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w6 in HO box works fine... i heard one too...

w7s get pretty loud though, my friend had 1 8" that murdered peoples ears...

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Thanks Isaac.

I just sold 1 of my 12w6v2's i had up for sale. If i get enough money i will consider the 10w7 HO BOX after i demo it otherwise i whould like to find an ideal custom ported enclosure for the 12w6v2 to save money and get more displacement and output ported.

Perhaps 2.0 cuft @ 32-34 hz whould be a good start.

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My pal goes to Samford and he had 4 13 W7s in his 4runner and DAMN. That's all i can say. Hella bad system, and probably one of the nicest I've ever heard. Did I mention he's rich?

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If you have a fav song with lot of low bass, take that song in for the demo. I am not sure if you'll find a dealer that already has the 10W7 HO in a demo car. I was lucky enough in Canada. For everyday driving, it should be perfect, not too loud and not too heavy on the car. My 15 RE MT may be very loud but weighs like a whale. I had to take it out and replace it with a smaller sub. Since we all only live once, you might as well save up and give it a try.
I certainly don't regret buying 12W7 in a HO box.

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Yeah i hate weighing down my car which is why I stayed away from w7's in the first place.

I think I will try my luck with the 12w6v2 that i have left and if it doesnt work out then i will consider a new setup.

Im basically looking to setup a system off my stock alternator so nothing to heavy unless i start driving a 97-99 camry 4 cyl again since i have a 180A alternator for that car left over from last year.

Maybe you can help me with some ideas for a simple everday system thats efficiant and can get decently loud. I listen to mostly rap, dance, rock and international.

I plan to use a ppi a300 or a300.2 for the front stage and keep it at 75 x 2 @ 4 ohm

So a good 2 way comp set that whould accomadate that amp.

Ill probably keep my JL 500/1 and either use the 12w6v2 ported or find an alternative sub or subs.

Maybe 2 12 IDQ's ported or somthing along those lines.

Just shed some light on this. Thanks

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I think everyone goes through stages, SQL, SPL, then back to SQ.
My current setup uses PPI amp (150w x 2) for the comps, 30 band equalizer, PPI image enhancer, had 15 RE MT, now downgrading to 12W7.
I also took out 6x9 rear speakers and used the holes as "bass" port to get more bass into the cabin.

If you're into SQ, then invest on some good 30 band equalizers, PPI image expander, and a pair of quality comps. In the long run, you'll get your money's worth out of it and more.
Have you tried taking the vented box design for W7 and use it on your sub? You might have to shrink the box slightly to compensate for the smaller frame.

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do the W7's really get that loud? or is it the HO box that really makes them shine? because right now it's sounding like these would put my system to shame lol

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yeah man,
I just bought a 500/1 amp and 2 12W6v2s
I'm trying to find a box for a single one of them
and I want to sell the other one.
did you ever find a good ported box for your 12w6?
I've read all about SQ, SPL, and SQL but and cant tell what is going to sound best in my cady.
not sure if i want ported ro sealed ????

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Im aiming for simple setup like this one Isaac.

That looks like efficiant and ideal setup for a daily driver.

glass had mentioned this :

"My two Cerwin 12" in my IASCA car hit 151 in events on an Orion 280GX (160w x 2) and the same two subs are hitting 147.2dB in my Grand Cherokee on an Orion 2125SX now. (250w x 2) but I'm not into SPL competition at all. I much prefer sound quality, good imaging and soundstage, proper phase and so forth to the loud punks at stoplights."

I believe his box was 4.38 @ 30hz and with only 160 x 2 rms which is amazing.

Wonder if that orion 180gx had a subsonic filter or what he used.

Im def looking to do somthing like that with what i can find today.

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Eric, 10W7 in a normal box will sound the same. It's the HO box design. I saw the demo car setup, 1 JL 500/1 amp and 10W7 in HO box in a sedan. It didn't have any special padding nor custom body work done, plain old car.

MO, instead of having the rears, I moved the comps to the edge of the front doors, 2 pairs of comps on each door. My setup is similar, instead of a pre-amp, I have PPI's image expander.
If you look at the picture, his box says "vented" not ported. That is why I suggested using JL's vented box design for your sub. 30Hz might be a little too low. I'd set it to 32Hz - 35Hz. If you have test tones, try sending some bass 20Hz - 200Hz. You'd be surprised with the one your ear is most comfortable with.

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Its amazing how Glasswolf achieved 151db with 2 cerwin vega 12's ported at 4.38 @ 30-35hz or whatever it was according to him.

Here is a quotes from glass:

"My two Cerwin 12" in my IASCA car hit 151 in events on an Orion 280GX (160w x 2) and the same two subs are hitting 147.2dB in my Grand Cherokee on an Orion 2125SX now. (250w x 2) but I'm not into SPL competition at all. I much prefer sound quality, good imaging and soundstage, proper phase and so forth to the loud punks at stoplights."


"My IASCA car had two 12" subs, with 160WRMS each. I could drop picture frames off the walls of the tune and lube shop across the paring lot about 50 ft away when I'd demo the system to customers.
They got really tired of me. Thankfully I'd gotten one of my friends a job as their clerk there. She adored me, so I got away with it. heh
Shook the hell out of store windows though, and set off car alarms. That's with a damped vehicle too mind you. Most of the sound was retained in the car unless the door was open or teh window down."

best of luck.
-GlassWolf, E.E., Master Installer

and here

I was using a pair of Cerwin-Vega LE12-D 12" DVC subs, built in 1989.
In my IASCA car (88 Festiva) they were on an Orion 280GX. (Class-AB, 160wRMS x 2 X 2 Ohms)
Now they're in a 94 Grand Cherokee on an Orion 2125SX amplifier. (Class-AB, 250wRMS x 2 @ 2 Ohms)

Interesting stuff. I whould love to achieve that type of bass with the SQ he had in mind.

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MO, you do know that those Orion amps were underrated by a lot right? My Orion HCCA 250G4 and 275G4 says 50w rms x2 ad 75w rms x2. We all know that's not even close.
I think GlassWolf's bass achievement had lot to do with his box design.
Have you analyzed his statement? It was a Cherokee, meaning open cabin for the subs. In a sedan, the trunk muffles lot of the bass, some even seems like it's killing certain frequencies.
If you have test tones 20Hz - 300Hz, try it. You will see that not all cars resonate low frequencies the same. Some seem to "enhance" 60Hz, while others just about kill anything below 50Hz. Although you may have a box tuned to 30Hz, once it is in your trunk, it may not behave as designed.
You learn something new everyday.

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Yeah i understand that they are underated and such but when you are using efficiant subs with powerfull little amps like the orion 180gx and do a ported box at 4.38 @ 30hz according to glass. Even in that cherokee or festiva its impressive to get that with that tuning. I understand he also had a HO alternator which i dont mind upgrading to eventually if i need to.

I will probably step down to a ppi a404.2 or a300.2 for a set of components upfront and go with the 500/1 for a sub or subs combo ported or sealed depending on what i use.

That should be a well balanced little setup with some bump and good SQ and remain efficiant.

Overall im looking

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Since you'll be having a baby soon, whatever you decide, make it last. I'm sure you'll be to busy changing diapers and won't have any time for building anything period.
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