OT: Everyone who knows anything bout car alarms.


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Fi SSD15 Wangers

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What do you guys think? Any other suggestion i wnat it to have the remote that tells me if my car is being broken into. Thanks max money is like 150 bucks

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All 3 of those are good. They will all satisfy you.

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Username: Tanmanfosho

Fi SSD15 Wangers

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good good anyone else? chances are id og with the cheapest one lol

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none are good, as none are DEI electronics...
my 2cents, after many installs...

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im with B on this one, DEI's alarms are great i have DEI's clifford matrix 3.5 with 2 way pager and remote start, its great. i use to have a bulldog? or somethin like that and it was horrible my brother went under my car and popped off the battery ground and broke into my car and stole my cigarettes. no ground = no alarm! the DEI i have has a back up battery in case some1 tries that! also the mile range is great.
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