Colder Air in a vehicle = more SPL ???...


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I saw this question being asked in another forum so i thought i'd put it here to see what u guys say

How would in car temperature affect sound output?

For cars competing in SPL type competitions, would they be able to set higher dB figures if they were to compete with their AC on? (ignoring the extra load the AC will place on the car's electrical system). My theory is that sound waves will travel faster and more efficiently through cold dense air than hotter, less dense air..

i did notice in some of the local iasca shows (in my country) competitors showing up with a/c full blast (u can see the condensation on the glass)
i myself dont know 4 sure but i should think it would def keep their amps/equipment/subs coils etc coiler perhaps enhancing d total output ??? ......}}

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......or could be a simple thing as the owner\s were feeling warm (since its kinda hot here sometimes) & they had their a/c on to cool them & not really their audio stuff ? .....

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Remember your basic science rules though. A gas is a gas because the heat causes particals to move faster. Solids are solids because the particals aren't heated enough to move. I know waves and particals are two different things, but would they behave the same? We need a physist here.

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I have heard that is good for up to 0.2dB sometimes. it gets colder, sound travels slower.
Your cars resonance freq may change +/- 1hz also.

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Makes sense in a way though... kinda like a cold air intake for a car.

More air=more hp

has to relate some how

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Lil something to think about:

50hz wavelenght
-22.8ft @ 80degree F
-22.14ft @ 50degree F

>>>At 50*F, a 48.5hz wave would have the wavelength of at 50hz wave at 80*F.

>>>Your peak freq will be lower w/ colder air.

>>>Higher frequencies carry more energy.

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colder air is more dense and can be pushed around easier and with greater force

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^ ^ Was just fixin to mention that sound travels better and faster through a more dense mediums, not to mention the amp and batt usually operate better in cold weather. But on the other hand, an increase in heat would increase pressure inside. Now, with the AC running, thre will be more air at a lower pressure, then when excited in some whay, it will expand, contrubuting to a higher pressure. .. . . do what you want with that

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"Makes sense in a way though... kinda like a cold air intake for a car."
lol sorry but in no way does combustion relate to sound waves. I could see from rovins standpoint of keeping the equipment cooler that it would help.

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Well you could use air temp to fine tune the resonant frequency for maximum output.

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I just use a fire exstinguisher and blast it off inside my car before I compete, no one can tell!!!!

(wonder if it would actually do anything)

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Colder air would yield greater spl over hot air. There is a difference between sound pressure and air pressure. A given volume of hot air when heated will expand BUT it becomes less dense thus requiring less force (BL) to move it but higher frequencies to move any given amount of it. Now a given amount of cold air will have a greater density and require a higher force to move it But can move the same amount of air with a lower frequency. This said, a person with a box tuned to a lower frequency could obtain a higher spl on a cold day as long as he had the power to move it. Polo.. :-)

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yea, I have to agree with Polo. Sound pressure and air pressure are 2 different things.

Besides, the AC drinking all your current down, I dont think the colder air will affect SPL too much... Like Marshall said maybe .2 tenth.... MAX, perfect situation...
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