Which one is louder


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2 10' audio-pipe 1000 watts, 2 10' phoenix gold 1000 watts or 1 12' alpine 1500 watts

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Well I know for sure the 2 Audiopipes will beat the alpine in the proper enclosure but I'm not familiar with those phoenix gold subs.Personally I'd run some audiopipes because for the money those things are pretty impressive and Audiopipe makes pretty good products.

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hhahahaha u should be on crack the pg will smoek those subs i have th pg and i luv them

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what kinda alpines?

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I'm with Trell^

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i dont know guys, those audiopipes are pretty impressive in spl
friend had a pair of 12's in a sealed box, the one with the fat surround and it was awsome

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i need some model #'s here...

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i think he's going by max power...1 12" alpine 1500 watts sounds like a type r's max power..just a observation.

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that sounds pretty right.. none of alpine subs rms go much higher then the 1200rms range,, not exact on number tho

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Thoes audiopipes will walk all over the PG's and the alpine.
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