Blew my rl-p?


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Username: Jdog123

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ok i have one 12" soundsplinter rl-p ive had for a few months running at about 960 watts rms. well today it completely shut off and stopped playing. did i blow it? no smoke no smell or anything no cone seperation it just shut off. is there any way to tell if i blew it or not? hopefully one of the wires just came loose or something. im praying thats what it is. is 960 rms too much for htis guy to handle? i heard it would be ok but i dont think so anymore. thanks for any help.

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push in on the center of the cone slowly and listen for any scratching. hook up a dmm to it and see what the resistance is. take it out if you can get a peek of the VC through the basket.

^just a few things you can do to check

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im thinkin about gettin a rl-p how did it sound before this disaster?

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Hope all workds out Jes That is a very good sub, Heard 5 diffrent setups with the Rl-p all of them were consistantly good in the sq department

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haha wow i feel like a DA. sorry it happened at night and i was too tired and angry to check everything. i took the sub out and it actually rattled one of my wires loose inside the box. i got it fixed and now it sounds amazing once again. and derek this is a great sub i would highly recommend it. plenty of bass and i only have one of them in my 71 lemans with a big metal trunk. so apparantly they will handle a good bit of power but i knew that before i bought it thats why i was so surpised it "blew". haha just make sure you got some sturdy wiring in it. o yea i have another question. now that it isnt blown would it sound even better in a ported box? right now i have it in a sealed box and it sounds good/ hits tight. would i get a lil more bass in a ported. would it still sound as good? hit any sloppier with a ported? if it would sound better what size should i make it/tuning? thanks guys sorry for this post haha i feel like an idiot.

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I had a 15" rl-p that was ported and I loved it. Porting it will not make it sound sloppy. It still sounded great. For the 12" I would have a box about 2 cuft tuned to 32 hz.
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