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Username: Mr_kebo

Albertville, Al USA

Post Number: 1195
Registered: Nov-04

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Username: Wingmanalive


Post Number: 2889
Registered: Jun-06
Well that's just cheating.

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Username: Nyyfan13


Post Number: 2698
Registered: Jul-06
that is awesome

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Username: Blainew

Alpine type S 6.5 inch...

Post Number: 2125
Registered: Nov-05
oh my god

Silver Member
Username: Goodie_goop

Midland, Texas U.S.

Post Number: 169
Registered: Oct-06
that is badazz

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Username: Southernrebel

Monroe, Louisiana DD 9515d~~]...

Post Number: 4083
Registered: Mar-04

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Username: Shortysetnies

Rock Vegas, NC US

Post Number: 928
Registered: Mar-06
I used one at my old job a lot. they're bad azz for sure

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Username: Andrew571

Stillwater/Edmond, Oklahoma USA

Post Number: 598
Registered: Oct-05
ive seen one b4...and wow i want one so bad...

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Username: Gh0st_31


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Registered: May-06
I used one at school. one sweet as$ machine. cost an arm and leg though lol

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Username: Rovin

1 12 Atomic ...

Post Number: 10496
Registered: Jul-05
imagine building a box with that blasted mdf saw dust all over ya - man u could wear a tux while cutting the wood & building that box

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Username: Livin_loud

18 of Love Fi Audio

Post Number: 890
Registered: Jan-06
geez... makes it cakework, and comes out perfect... you could make your money back easy i'll bet

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Username: Johnfiac

IL Afghanistan,...

Post Number: 1085
Registered: Mar-06
people from chi lets all pitch in and buy one! keep it in my garage :-p lmao

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Username: Johnfiac

IL Afghanistan,...

Post Number: 1086
Registered: Mar-06
hmmm i wonder how good these mexican carpenters i kno are at building boxes........give them supplys\beer it might be just as easy as the machine? lol
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