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ok i only have a 1700 watt kenwood map and have it hooked up to 4 ohms with my kickers there dual 4 ohms and its only 4 ohms and my dash lights dim allot when i am at idle, but when im driving it still does it just not bad, and what im tryin to say is its only 550 rms and thats al it will do with 4 ohms right? and ppl have ben saying that on an 80 amp alternator they can push 1500 rms easily , and 1100 easily how do theyt do that if i cant even do it with 550 rms

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how big are the fuses..on the amp....what all do u have running when ur running ur system...

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chaunce ive been thinkin .. do you find out how many amps ur runnin from how big ur fuses on amp are and how many.. cause i have 2 40 amp fuses(80 amps overall) on my 1100d.. so would that mean my 105 amp alternator will handle it with ease?

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read this...http://wickedcases.com/caraudio/charging.html

also remember...ac,windshield wipers,etc all use amps as well. usually around 40-50amps are used on other stuff in ur car besides the system

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Is this your amp?

http://cgi.ebay.com/KENWOOD-KAC-9102D-CLASS-D-500W-RMS-Mono-Car-Amplifier_W0QQit emZ160075993433QQihZ006QQcategoryZ79828QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Its 500 RMS X 1 at 4 ohms.

The reason your cars lights dim at idle is because your alt produces 12 volts at idle, and when you rev the motor up, you get 13.8 or 14.4 volts. The fact that your cars lights dim while the motor is reved up is a sure sign that the left over amps that your alternator is producing is not enough to run all the demands you are requesting of your charging system. Usually the weaker circuits take the beating (headlights and possibly a few other less noticable ones too).


There are aftermarket high output alternators that will put out much more amperage and voltage at idle and while reved up.
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