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I have an 98 ford explorer with an 95 amp alternator. what is the strongest amp i can put on it with out electrical upgrades. i was planning on getting a kicker 1200

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thats just about the limit id say. i wouldnt run any more on it...heres a website for figureing out if its too much.

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Don't overlook two things that are sometimes forgotten in this equation:
1- Make sure to add in your front stage amp.
2- Take into account that your SUV will use around 30%-40% of the alternator's amperage to run.

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wat would you say is the strongest amp i can put in my acura mdx? at wat rms?

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i crrently have a pdx-1005 and my lights slightly dim. i heard the kx1200 puts out around 1400rms are you sure this will be ok

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i had pcx1500 and it killed my battery in the winter so i would be careful w/ the kx1200 thats probably pushin the limits, if you do use it just make sure you have a good battery

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i'd run 700w rms on that alternator with a yellow top in the front and a big 3 with thicker wires like 4 AWG or thicker

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ive been runnin my atleast a thousand for a year now nothin has happened

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im guessing its 95 amps since its stock
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