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Newport, Ar, Ar United states

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would a fully loaded fi 15 btl beat 2 kicker 15 L7's im wonderin about this cuz im think im gonna get off kicker and go with a good solid fi sub so what amp would u run to power this baby up good?

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Username: Tanmanfosho

C Bang, Hardcore Iowa USA

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ask chad lee of course

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fully loaded 15 btl will sh!t on l7s and then turn around and sh!t on them some more.

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2 15 L7s properly installed would be louder.. but 1 15 BTL is a much better system and can get insane loud.

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yea the btl would be a lot better imo. maybe not a whole lot louder, but id pick btl anyday of the week over l7s

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Fi Audio BTL

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please don't compare 1 sub to 2 subs. alot of times the 2 subs would be louder due to the cone area.

now 2 btl would put 2 L7s to shame and then some.

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Las Vegas, Nevada U.S. of A.

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haha! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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