Has this ever happend to you?lmao:-):-)


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Have you ever left your volume up when you shut your car off, then forgot about it and came back then you start the car, and all you hear is BOOOOOMMM. And it about makes you sh!t yourself..lol

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honestly i always remember to shut the system off before i turn off my car.

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i leave my stock sh_t up by accident and it scares me in the morning...i dont even wanna know whats gonna happen when i leave my new stuff up...i mite sht myself...

i love when my dad goes to drive my car and i leave it up...he gets real pissed. he just sits in the driveway for a lil bit and just hits the horn....its kinda funny

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yea a few times but i never have sh!tted myself because of it ......

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yes i have done that many times lol but def kinda scary especially at 5 am

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Oh god, before school i forgot to turn it off, and after whn i was leavung, i turned the key and BOOOOOM. Everybody was looking at me and sh!t. It scared the hell out of me.

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i never forget.. all i need is a power surge with a side of clippage

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I don't listen that loudly anyway

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dont think ive ever sh!t myself but ive probly pissed myself from it. lol

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That's how you know you're playing it TOO loud. When your ears adjust to the loud volume you think it sounds just right. Then when you jump in and jam later your ears are like "WTF"!!!!!
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