What amp will give me the most out of my subs


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I have to 12 inch kicker L7's. There 4ohm dual voice coil. Each is rated at 750 rms 1500 max. I just want some opinions on which amp would give me the most power. I plan on getting a custom box with it ported to top of the rear deck or through the arm rest.

i know best
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JL 1000.1, WIRE THE SUBS IN PARELEL to get a 1ohm load on the amp, either that or get 1 monoblock amp for each sub.(jbl or kicker600.1)

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or you do it right and get something like a KX1200.1 or a JBL BP1200.1 and wire them in parallel to get a 1 ohm load...that would be 600+ watts to each sub.

if you get the JL 1000/1 you cant wire it in parallel, that amp is 4-1.5 ohm stable....you could wire the sube ian series-parallel and get a 4 ohm load it you wanna get the JL 1000/1...

the JL is a great amp but its expensive...bout $1000

the kicker KX1200.1 will run about $600
the JBL is bout $400 (but it doesnt have subsonic filter)

all of these a great choises

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Thanks alot i think im going to try thr jbl the price is in a good range. I know it doesnt have a subsonic filter, but i have and audio control epicenter. Thanks again Marshall

I've seen the JBL 1200.1 for 250 if you shop in the right places, Full warranty and all.
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