4 10's to replace 1 12'' se


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i got a 12'' re se in about a 2.5 cuft ported box right now and im loving the sound but to get the volume right i had to make the depth about 10'' , and im tired of not having any leg room so im going with 4 smaller 10's for good output and better legroom . wanting 4 10's around 5 - 6'' mounting depth. im thinking about getting 4 10'' jl w1v2's because i can get them for $70 each local , any opinions ?

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those image dynamics Q series r not tall @ all & dont need alot of cuft ,SQ should be tops too ......

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the w1's are only like 4.3'' mounting depth and only 70 bucks each , i heard 3 12's off a 500/1 before and they sounded pretty nice so 4 10's off my 1000d should be good

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Those 4 10's will blow the 12 away.
Even if they are rated at like 125 rms or whatever.
You could under tune em like a foot in a flat box and they'd still throw. if I was gonna spend almost $300 on subs I'd get something rated a little higher... but jl is good sh1t. Should be sweet.

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Just one question...noticed you want to change because you have no leg room.....what kind of vehicle are the subs in, and where?...I am assuming a truck, with the box behind the seat, but you have to have the seat all the way up, because the box takes up so much room.
Am I correct?

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4-10in ID's or IDQ's you could also do 4 10in type r's or CV v-max's, 4-10in w3v3's.

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AA Assassins

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that much be saying a lot for the RE SE.. if your needing 3 more subs to top it hehe

how about just add some more RE SE :-)
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