Direct connection of MP 3 input to Kenwood kdc 5019


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I just got a Kenwood KDC 5019 as a gift. I am installing it in my boat. I have a separate in dash plug to connect a MP player to the stereo that has two plug in connections to the radio. Can I direct connect this to the Kenwood unit?

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The HU would need auxiliary rca inputs, and I don't see that it has that.<br>
Sometimes you can find aux input cables that connect to the cd changer control port, but I don't know if such a cable is available for that HU.

Alternatively you can buy a 3.5mm to rca converter for your mp3 player and connect it directly to the amp if the amp's accessible.

Gain setting could be an issue though if the signal voltage out of the mp3 player is a lot different from the kenwood hu.

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If the output from the mp3 player is a comon wire that you can easily obtain you can also try with a RCA line convertor for high inputs to go to output rcas, for cars without rca outputs on the HU. With the convertor you can actually change the settings on it to change the Voltage output so u wont have to re-set your gain all the time when switching from the HU to the MP3 player but the thing with these convertors is that it doesnt really give you a clean signal like the HU would, it basically sends all freq. to every amp...unless u have a eq. to plug that into b4 the amp :/

but conecting it directly, if you dont have the input AUX on the HU you are probally only left with those choices..unless you can find a convertor like optidriven suggested but its hard to find things of that sort...

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These options have pretty much already been mentioned, but I thought I'd give you some links to look at the cables.

Your best solution is probably going to be the AUX in cable that was already mentioned that will convert the changer port on the back of your deck into an aux-in source that you can then use the rca to mini-plug cable that you have (which I'm assuming looks something like this) to connect your mp3 player. The Kenwood Aux cable looks like this. That will give you the option (along with the rca to mini plug cable) to plug in any device with a headphone port and play it through the speakers.

If you're trying to hook up an iPod, you have a couple of other choices. The first will alllow you to plug in the ipod through the dock connector, giving you better sound and also charging the ipod. That cable looks like this.

The other option is the Kenwood ipod interface. This will give you charging, control of the ipod through your deck and display of your track information. But obviously, this and the other ipod cable do you no good if you're using anything other than an ipod so in that case the AUX in cable is your best and really only option.
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