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Hi yall, listen i got a serious problem with my Orion 2500D. I keep blowing them up....i dunno why but after i took em to the shop to repair them they work for 2 hours and then they dont work anymore. From the sub i start to hear this "TOC TOC TOC" all happened since i mounted my processor (and i dont have it anymore) and my third Orion 8002 (i had a lil audiobahn before). Can it be the battery too small for all 3?? or remote from the head unit that hardly turn em on and at the end it blows them? I got a kinetik 2400 battery. But even if i just plug one of the amp for the sub and make it running at 2 ohm, it still i got no idea now.... Thanks a lot

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ok first you need a fuse at the battery on your hot need a second battery,and a capacitor.the sound you are hearing is because of your need to ground the amps and the processor not bridge to 2 ohms if amp is not 2 ohm stable.this should help

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you dont need a capacitor and dont add a second batt without a ho alt

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Amps are stable at 1ohm. i already got 2 200A fuse closed to the battery. amps are grounded on the trunk chassis and processor is grounded with the head unit...i cant find a HO alt for my car, it's european....the biggest i can find is a 130A/hour. mine now is 90A/hour.
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