Help building box for 15" RE SX sub


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I never have built a box for a sub, but I have built many other things, and I do have all the equipment to built it, I just wanna know how to do my measurements. Below at the bottom here I will post the link to the RE website. I have the 15 inch SX subwoofer. Compact they say 3.0@35Hz or optimal 4.0@34Hz. Now I just don't know how to do the measurements to get all the cubic feet right, cuz I know it says on the site that this subwoofer has a displacement of 0.18cu. ft. Anyone know of a website that would help me out, or something? Thanks for all the user's that have helped me in the past, and to all that help me now! =D

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I'd do 4cu.ft after displacement tuned to

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Would anyone like to build me a 15" subwoofer box with 4.0 cu.ft. and 34 or 35Hz tuned round ports? Give me an e-mail, i'll post it below, and we'll talk about the size's and cost. =D

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do it urself itll cost u less money
the only thing tht it takes up is time
1 hr outta ur life is worth saving 100 bucks my friend
a sheet of 3/4" mdf cost 20 bucks
liquid nail is 2$ a tube and a box of screws is 5$
thts a box tht u built for 30$ as opposed to 100+ more dollars do it uself as u may no this is a car audio forum we are here to help u..
ask questions and b4 u no it u built a box
u can do it

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email sent
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