What size fiberboard is used on a box?


I am trying to build a custom box for my 1992 Grand Prix GTP and I am wondering what thickness of fiberboard is used?

don't use fiber boared use mdf or hdf

Anonymous, what do you think the "f" in mdf stands for? It stands for medium density fiberboard.

GTP, It depends on the size of the subs and the size of the box. If you're using 10s, typically you can get away with using 1/2" mdf. I use it a lot, just because of the weight reduction. But most times for 12s or boxes that have wide chambers, you would want to use 3/4". I've also used combinations of thicknesses. For instance, I would use 1/2" mdf for most of the enclosure and make the baffle 3/4".

But if your only means of assembling the pieces (besides wood glue) is with screws, then forget using 1/2" thick material because it splits. The only way to use 1/2" is with pneumatic fastening such as brads or crown staples. My fav is 1-1/4" crown staples.

You should always use 3/4 MDF.... Or you can get away with using 5/8 HDF or High Density Fiberboard.

Use 3/4" MDF, HDF is too expensive and heavier.

If you use 1/2", it will resonate (vibrate.) The point in using MDF instead of chipboard or OSB is that the MDF is very dense and is accoustically 'dead' (or as much as we can get without spending insane money.)

If you MUST use something less than 3/4", get some fiberglass mesh and resin...give it a glass coating. Using anything less than 3/4" on the baffle (where the speaker mounts) is just asking for trouble...

derek j
I need some dimensions for a ported box that cannot be too wide, length will fit better, but i have an audiobahn 15" that needs around 2.1^3 c f of airspace. can yall help?
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