Why buy 4 ohm sub..?


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If a 2 ohm sub is the same price as a 4 ohm sub and its the same model, why would anyone want a 4 ohm sub when it is cheaper to get more power with 2 ohm?
I don't understand..
2x the power with 2 ohms instead of 4 ohm

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depends on ur amp...different wiring configurations.

really depends on what ur trying to do

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^^ .. normally it is cheaper to run amp that are 1ohm stable but diff VC configs = diff wiring configs. so it would depends on the amp for what to get..

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if ur amp aint stable at 2 ohms what ya gunna do with a 2ohm sub?

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what everybody else has said. and amps do not always run twice as much power at 2 than 4 either.

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every amp is different. Some 2 chan amps are only 4 ohm mono stable, while some a 1 ohm stable. Some amps like JL are stable from 1.5-4 ohms. Some are regulated power supply's and some are unregulated. Some amps double in power from 4 ohms to 2 ohms some put out the same power. Every amp is different. Dual 4 ohm subs and dual 2 ohm subs allow for multiple wiring configurations to fit a specific amp.

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Very well said James...Not my original post but that was a thorough explanation.

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what if you buy two subs

it will then be cheaper to power the 4 ohms subs

all depends on how you wanna wire

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Ok it bepends on the amp. A 4 ohm sub is better for sound and a little kick. You can also use a 4 ohm sub for a house speaker. But a 2 ohm speaker you can brige off your amp. 2 ohm is used for more kick.
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