Ever get worried??


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Saginaw, miUnitd states

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Is it just me or does anyone else ever worry that there stereo system will get stolen? Like i'm parranoid.. Rarely turn it up in neighborhood or school. always park in open. also is ur stuff insured? what do u think

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Davenport, IA US

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i never get worried, and my seats are folded down, with sub facing in...lol. i have an alarm, but i rarely use it...

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The town i live in is so small everyone knows each other soooo im not worried. But if i ever cought someone trying to steal it i would beat their a$s.lol

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I'm not worried when I'm at home since my neighborhood is new so everyone is a good person. But I'm a little worried at work, thats why I park my car where I can see it, its like 40ft away from me right now (at work) and I can see it clearly :D. But I get paranoid when I have to go walk around.

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ya i get a little worried like late at night but not at school or at home cuz i park inside the garage at home and at school theres cameras in are parking lot

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its very understandable having a fear of being jacked thats y almost a yr passed me listening 2 my stock sh!tty radio only no cd @ all but then i got tired of it & installed my stuff in - been alright almost 2yrs now .....

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yeah, i get paranoid too. no alarm system, but i live out in the country so the thief would have to have some BALLS to come here and steal my system. and if i caught them, theres a good chance a bullet might just find its way to their genitals.

but at school, anything could happen, our school is small( theres only about 100 people in my entire class) and it only has one camera on the parking lot and i doubt they even record anything

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Montana USA

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I am extremely paranoid, cuz i actually found out about a plan some guys had to steal my stuff
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