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ok i have a orion 1200d running at one ohm on two rockford hx2 12's and it pound in my eyes, but here is my problem, say i wake up in the morning and i go to drive and stuff, when i turn it up to like volume 45 on my hu which is a premier, it will clip off for a little bit, but during th day say at liek 3 in the afternoon, i can turn it up to like 49 without any clipping, anyone know if liek the car has to get warmed up or what, i have a 130 amp alternator

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Possibly using more current for car type stuff such as headlights, defrost ect...less current draw during the day = more current to amp.?.

Just a thought.

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Ya my car dose that too but only if you crank it the second you start it so i just drive for a few min then im fine....just let it warm up for a lil bit then let it loose

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...then let it loose...

Adam, you are the best LMFAO:-)

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Another reason would be that the choke, whigh is controlled by the comuter and other sensors that draw current, is on when the car engine is cold and is started for the first time. When the engine is cold it needs more fuel and air to run so the computer has to work even more in the morning. I has to send the information to the electonic fuel pump (which draws more current when moving more fuel) and has to send info to Mass airflow sensor while it manages the air fuel mixture for the vehicle to run properly. Even if it was or is not cold that morning the choke will still come on to warm up the engine faster because an engine is more efficient when it is warm. This will draw extra current in the mornings (or after car sits off for a long period of time) reguardless of temperature. Other posts are true as well.
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