New install - engine noise in speakers


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I know I've seen the answer to this before, just can't remember it. My friend just got a new install done with amps, subs, deck, speakers, whole 9 yards. When he accelerates or decelerates, he hears engine (kind of high pitched buzzing) noise coming out of the speakers. What would contribute to this? Thanks!

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i had the same thing, i checked my grounds and RCAs and the sound went off

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grounds grounds grounds!

9x out of 10

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faulty or shiddy rca also cause it .....

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quote{faulty or shiddy rca also cause it .....}

thats the other 1x out of 10

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I can be caused by a couple of other things. The RCA wire should not be run along side of the power wire or you will get noise in the system. Sinse you said the static changes with RPM,this is Backway Noise. This is noise introduced through the power and ground wires connected to your receiver. If you're hearing alternator whine (a whirring noise that varies with engine RPMs), you can install an alternator noise filter (like PAC's ANS-80) on the power line between the battery and the alternator to minimize the problem. You can also install a noise filter (American International's S15A (15-amp, 250-watt) or S25A (25-amp, 350-watt) filters, for example) on the receiver's power lead to cut down on signal pollution. It could also be from your spark plug wires. If you read up on spark plug wires,you will see that they can cause noise in your amps or subs. There are cretain sparkplug wires to stop the noise.
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