Pt Cruiser Starter Problems


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OK, heres the lowdown on my starter on my PT. The dealer replaced it once again. When I went to pick it up they said that they may have found what was causing the issue. They said it was the way that I have my amp wired.... Let me explain how I have it wired and you guys can give me your take on it. I have a 8 gauge wire running directly from my positive battery terminal to the amp. I have the 12 volt remote turn on wire which is supposed to be connected to a circuit that has only power when the car is switched on. I tapped on to the 12 volt accesory plug which is a switched 12 volt source(only on when car is on)in the rear hatch. Seems correct doesn't it?

They were telling me that the amp is trying to power up when the car is cranking and drawing voltage away from the starter and that is causing the starter to fail. They said that with the starter not getting the 12 volts that it needs that is putting a strain on the insides of starter. They suggested wiring the remote turn on wire into wiring harness of radio so that there is power to remote turn on only when the radio is turned on. They showed me that the radio turns off briefly when the car is starting therefore the amp will not be requiring voltage at start up of car.

I told them that I didn't totally agree with them on this. Before I left dealer and in there presence I removed fuses for the amp so that it is not functional. I will keep it like this for a couple of months to see if there is any difference then on the other hand maybe they got me a good starter this time.

This is response from Scosche
Here is the response from Scosche (the manufactuer of the amp.)

First time I've heard this one.

I do not believe the amplifier's wiring is the cause of your starting problem. The amplifier draws little power and will never impede the vehicles ability to turn on.

Amplifier installations into vehicles with factory radios is quite common, however the vast majority of factory radios do not provide amp turn on power (remote turn on). In these vehicles it is necessary to connect your amp turn wire to ACC power which is what you have done. I have yet to come across a situation in which the failure of car to start was successfully traced to the remote turn on wire.

Jorge Barrios
Technical Support Specialist
Scosche Industries Inc.
(800) 363-4490 x154

Just wanted to check with you guys and see what your thoughts are on this.

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i dont think its because of the starter. how big of an amp are you running. you have everything wired correct, just for the hell of it befor you start your car make sure your switch on the remote wire is turned off.

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Thats why i buy japanese car and not americans.
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