I'm a wreck magnet


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Steamboat springs, Colorado U.S. of A

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on monday i got in another car accident and then while it was in the shop someone hit my mom's car that i was driving! that makes 6 accidents in the last 10 months, and none of them have been my fault! i'm friggin tired of stupid sh!ts hitting my car!

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carry a firearm, and wave it outside the window of your car while driving, people will steer clear of you.:-)

ummmm pray???? i dunno how to stop them.:-(

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Username: Theweasel

Steamboat springs, Colorado U.S. of A

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i'm thinking of just buying a tank and just get a big decal painted on that says "FUUCCK OFF!!!!"

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dang Rob, your insurance is gonna go up...you know that it still goes up, even if the accident isn't your fault, it just goes up more if it is.

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What you need is an old big car like an mid 80S oldsmobile or chevy 4 door. Get one real dented and rusty. That way ppl will think you are not insured and will avoid you. Oh, cut some of the muffler off too, that should help warn em, and replace the hood ornament with one of those rifle sight things. And try not to drive after 3 pm. Thats when old ppl are sleepy and drugged up.

j/k. Sorry to here that. quit driving for a while.

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In Jersey, even if you get rear ended, you have to pay the deductible to get your car fixed. Only if your insurance company is successful in getting their $$ out of the other insurance company, will you get your deductible back. This state sucks.........

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Haha.. Just yestersay some guy hit me. Everytime I drive my dads new Impala, my mom tells me to be careful, I tell her I'm a good driver but it's everyone else she is worried about. My dads work car had a flat so he stole my car to go to work and I took the Impala to school, and on my way home I was stopped at a stop sign waiting for a guy to turn, and he cut the corner and hit me doing about 30km/h. Just some scratches and a broken grill, my dad figures about $1500 in damages. I don't have to pay anything, though, so it's all good. Saskatchewan insurance is great!

I was telling my sister about it and we were joking around and she's like "Bastard hit me so hard my Foose rims got mangled into what looks like stock Impala hub caps."

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buy BIG FOOT n drive around! j/k sorry bout the mishap though...

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6 times and you think its not your fault?LOL!
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