2 batteries?


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i have a neon with a sony system in it but my amp completely drains my battery so i have a theory

and before you waste your time dissin sony i've alreay heard enough already...

can i put a bettery just by it self in the trunk and just run the power to the pos or neg battery term w/out anything hooked up to the other terminal?

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are you playing your system with your car off? Don't know how many watts your running, but I would say, just upgrade the battery under the hood. I'm sure your running less than 1500rms correct?

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all in all with speakers and all i have over 2000w rms i believe so should that be a problem?

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Just adding a battery in the trunk without hooking it to starting battery or the alternator, will just drain the battery until its drains so much there is nothing left to power the amps. If you did hook it up, with stock alternator, it would actually draw more current from original battery AND over draw the alternator to death because it constantly has to charge two bats.You will need a high output alternator for 2000watts RMS.
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