Crystal Comp 8" and Digital Designs DDSS1


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After reviewing the comp8 specs at the following link:

i picked the ddss1 600wx1 @ 1ohm as the amplifier to power the two comp8 4 ohm svc subs rated @ 350w rms posted on the website.

After looking for a US dealer. i came across the actual crystal comp website. After reviewing the sub at this link:

i noticed a 400w rms rating there but, on the spec sheet it gives a 300w peak power rating.

the sub can be used full range or as a sub. i intend to us it as a sub. so, i called crystal comp for some clarification on the ratings. the explanation i got was; as a full range the speaker can operate @ 400w rms but, as a sub it is rated for 150w rms. now i know it is a small sub so i asked if i could still use the 600wx1 amp on it without damaging the sub or the amp using them as subs (300w rms for the pair as per the reps explanation). i was told yes.

this is the question i pose. is it wise to still use that amp or just plain stupid? i really like how compact the amp is and it suits the under the rear seat in a wooden, cooled amp rack setup or any other hidden setup i can come up with. these woofers in baffles and a set of 5 1/4 components ( have not chosen them yet) up front are going to be the only speakers in the car.

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i don't have any experience with those, but if that's what the rep. said i would probably listen to them. maybe 200wrms to each would be good.

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ok...the only thing that would matter is what that amp does at 2ohms not 1....

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i heard a comp8 recently - the small box was built 4 a car but tested in a small SUV - not bad @ all for a single 8 , dont expect any big boom but uts more like 4 a small sq system ......

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thanks for pointing that out chauncey. i am new at this but, learning everyday. and that answers my own question cause it should put out about 300w rms @ 2ohms. going to call dd right now to see it if is also 2 ohm stable.

thats exactly what i am after for my second car rovin. thanks for the input.

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crystal= good
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