Is it possible??


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So i pretty much found this MTX 100watt RMS sub...and i wanna wire it in my system some how..i have 2 amps but there wired to my speakers and my subs alreayd... can i wire the sub to like the rear left speaker slot on my head unit...? or is it possible to bridge the rear left and right slot by using the rear left positive wire and the rear right negative wire on 1 speaker... i have 4 speakers in the car wired to 1 amp and 2 subs wired to another amp already.. i was thinking since im not using any of the headunits power i can just take that for the sub..i kno it wiould be weak..but will any of this work and if so what? lol i know its alot but i appreciate it

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What amps are you running now?
List your amps specs, model number. How many speakers, and what subs you have.
Wiring it off the HU will feed it all freqs instead of just bass, so it will be a big speaker, that sound bad.

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i have a sony 2 channel ..200 RMS watt per channel amp running 2 kicker CVR's...and i have a dub1004 4 channel 100RMS per channel playing my 4 interior speakers...i was also thinking... my front speakers are 200WATT RMS components...i was thinking to just wire those to 2 channels on the DUB and bridge the other 2 channels to run the MTX...but the MTX only plays 100RMS and briding it will push 220 RMS.... if i lower the gains all the way and turn the bass boost all the way down....what am i looking at occuring?

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that sounds mess e im out Lol
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