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First off, I know just about nothing when it comes to amplifiers. I am making a mostly SQ setup that can still play loud. This is what I am looking to power.

1 Fi Q (Dual 2 or 1?)
Rear fill speakers

What I am thinking for now is a mono sub amp in teh rear, a 2 channel for the CDT's, and run the rear fill of the head unit, if this is possible, and makes sense. Anywho, what amp's would you guy's recommend for such a setup? And what battery / alternator changes would I need to power this? I have a 1992 Ford Explorer XLT.

Thanks for all of your help in advance.

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what's your budget for the amp? get ED nine 1 and a DVC 2 ohm version of the sub

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yea, we need a budget.

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If I was you I wouldn't run the rear fill off the HU. It is not going to be up to par with the rest of your system if you do that. Even some of the higher wattage HU's on the market only put out around 17 wrms per channel. You may want to look into getting a 4 channel amp so you can run your front stage and rear all on the same amp. And then get your mono sub amp for the Q. Just a suggestion. :-)

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Disagree. Rear fill isnt even needed at all. Hence the name, rear fill. It should be barely heard, again, if at all. HU power is sufficient. A commanding front stage, imaged cotrrectly, will envelope the user. Done correctly, you will "see" the band in front of you, and where each instrument is played from. If you turn up the rear fill it will pull the front stage back and ruin the imaging completely.

Hard to imagine if you've never been in a car done right. Harder to imagine being in a car done wrong....if you have.

Sad fact is, 9 out of 10 ppl wouldnt know wtf proper imaging was if you beat them up side the head with it.

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i have all four doors with kappa's in them.. but i do have the backs turned down off the amp. fronts are gettin all 100wrms backs only gettin about 40. sounds nice tho

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read on about rearfill
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