How to hook up my 4 channel amp to speakers and subwoofer


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I recently got an 1800 watt amp, that I was hoping to push two infinity 12"s and hopefully a componant system for my front speakers. I was hoping someone could provide some info as to how to do this. Also before hand, my wiring kit was only rated for 300w. Will that still be ok, or will I need to change the fuses. Any help would be extremely helpful, thannks alot

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what is the output of your amp in RMS per channel? you will need a bigger wiring kit regardless, make sure your main power lead and ground wires are 4 guage. i run 2x 12" infinity reference series subs off a sony xplod p5 monoblock

Need specifics, Brand/type of amplifier, and RMS specs, also, which Infinity 12's were you hoping to push, and what component system? The fuses aren't going to do crap if the wire can't carry the current, If you plan to push Infinity subs close to their potential, and a component system, You need a 4 guage wiring kit. You hook a 4 channel up by running the component system off of the front channel, then bridge the back channel for the subs. MAKE SURE to get 8 ohm subs if you plan to run two.
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