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ok..basic setup..

i have two 12 inch audiobahn subwoofers [i know people hate audiobahn but these perform shh]

400rms 800rms total
Impedance: 4 Ohm Stereo per sub
2" 4 Layer ASV Voice Coil per sub

so..right now i have a boss ripper 596 amp and it works nice..pounds nice..210rms x2, but that means my subs aren't firing at full potential..only about half..

so im looking for a new amp that will work perfect with my subs..i was gonna buy 2 amps..but if i get a 4 channel amp i should be able to bridge it and everything should work smooth...and subs pound at full potential..

any suggestions...thoughts...comments...

thanks in advance..

why not get a hunk of junk Audiobahn A8002T to go with them. crap goes with crap

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lol audiobahn isnt junk..

but heres the one you suggested,

and heres the one i was lookin at the A4801T

which one is better...or should i say will work better with my subs..

[audiobahn haters]

you MUST be young cause you DO NOT know much about car audio I'm a MECP certified installer and been that way for 9 years i think i have learned somethings after all those years. and i think that GlassWolf shares the same opinion about audiobahn and he is a MECP installer too for over 10 years so you may want to listen to someone that knows a little more then you.

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even though its audioblah.... of them 2 amps the 8002t would be better for your subs. the 8002 can put out 400x2 which is exactly what you need. In my opinion i would sell the subs and get some adires...but its your choice.

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opinions on audiobahn aside, James, I'm not sure that more power is going to help you.
Those subs may already be reaching their mechanical Xmax, or in other words, extending as far as they can at full output on the present amplifier.
The "power handling" rating of a speaker in no way means that this much power is required for peak performance.
The rating is simply a thermal measure of how much heat the voice coils can tolerate without damage.
Remember, a speaker is a coil of wire wrapped around a tube, inside of a magnet, all of which is attached to the cone.
as electricity is sent through that wire coil, within the magnet, heat is generated.
The more power sent to teh speaker, the more heat it generates.
This becomes even more the case if the amp clips, sending DC voltage to the speaker, in which case the coil becomes a heating element, and quickly starts to cook itself.

Anyway, my point is this:
if you want a louder system, you may be better off adding two more 12" subs and another amp, or, going to subs with either a better Xmax rating, or more surface area.. or both.
just as a general rule of thumb:
adding a second sub adds +3dB
doubling the power adds +3dB
+1-dB is an audible doubing of volume, which also translates to an increase of power by a factor of ten. 2x volume = 10x power

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oh, in addition to the above,
going sealed to ported box adds ~+3dB
going sealed to bandpass can add as much as +6-12dB with the right box, though sound quality can suffer a great deal doing so.

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DOUBLING THE power adds +3db only if the sub hasnt reached its mechanical xmax?
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