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Hey does anyone know if you can install an amp with say 100 watts RMS, when the speakers have 150 RMS. Will not enough current go to the speakers, or what will happen? Thanks

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You can but you have to worry abotu clipping when you turn your volume up. I would rather give a 100rms speaker 150rm from an amp, it allows your amp less work to push the speaker and you have some head room for cranking it up more. I am currently giving my 70rms speakers 150rms and can turn my deck up 40/60 on the volume and not have any distortion and it is so loud it hurts (not good I know). As blowing speakers has more to do with the amp clipping than the speaker not being able to "handle" it. As the amp is pushing 100rms the speaker can take 50rms more so when maxed the speaker can take more so the amp will try to give it more, but the amp will be at max capacity thus stressing the amp out sending the speaker a distored signal....

hope that helps some

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Yes that helped. I will be sure to get an amp that can handle the speaker's RMS wattage. Thank you
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