I need amplifier help


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I hooked up my sub-box and amp a couple months ago and it was working for a while then all of a sudden it just stopped supplying power to my subs. I seem to be getting no power pushed to my subs from my amp at all. The power light on the amp is on and i hear a fan running but there is no bump. I checked all of the fuses and all of the connections and everything is fine. If someone could help me out that would be cool.

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bad ground? dead amp?

Could be a sub too. You'll have to be a bit more specific with your equipment so we can evaluate whether the subs could have been pushed too hard, the amps and subs are reliable at all, etc. For now, If you extend a speaker wire to the sub from the head unit for a brief second, if you hear sound, the sub's ok. Don't do it for too long, though. You could also check the connections at the head unit (if you haven't done it). If none of this works it's probably the amp. I don't think it's a ground issue from the amp since the power light is on and fan is running.

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I agree with glasswolf, Bad ground. Even if it looks like the ground is making contact with the car i may not be. Make sure you sand off the paint where the wire is touching a attach the ground very tightly. Like with a small nut and bolt. I doubt the subs are blown. But with car audion anything is possible!

Does anyone know anything about the pioneer gm-5000t amp 380watts rms 760 peak? Its all I can afford right now, will it push 2 10" JL w0's in a sealed box?

yes sir it will and blow them most lately if you turn the radio up to load.

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Thanks glasswolf you are so damn smart when it comes to car audio. i hope one day i will know half as much as you. anyway back to the point of subwoofers since now i know the difference in classes.

so even though the RF has a lower RMS you would suggest that over the cheaper and higher RMS of the KWood? And also I currently have 8gauge wire in my car. Are either of these Amps large enough to consider changing out to a 4gauge power wire?

thanks again GW

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im so dumb. wrong thread. anyway thanks GW . ;)


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I have a amp hooked up to 2 12 kenwoods and I have the converter hooked up to it because I don't have rca hook up to my factory stereo I followed the directions but I do not have power to the amp please help I know that the amp works I had it tested before I had bought it
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