Any information about a Sony CDX- CA650X AUX inputs


I was wondering if anyone had any information about the AUX inputs on a Sony Xplod CDX-CA650X CD player. Do I need another peice of hardware to make the inputs work or what?? Thanks

I'm having a problem with the Aux Input on my cdx ca400. Pressing the source button does not activate it!!! Please Help.
I want to connect a portable minidisc via an RCA cable into the BUS AUDIO IN socket.
Many Thanx

Hi Rob,

Were you able to find a solution to this problem?? I just bought a Sony Xplod CDX-CA650X and am having the same problem.


Hi! I´ve bought the Sony MDX-C7900 a MiniDisc Tuner for my Car. To use the BUS AUDIO IN you need the Sony SourceSelector for about 100,- € or $. I´m searching for another solution but you are not able to find any information in the net! :-(

Please contact me, if you´ve found another way to activate the AUX-Source! THX :-)

Grrr Sony
I also have this problem...i have just read that you can progam your own microprocessor to fake it.....damn. thanks a bunch Sony!

Ok guys, i'm doing the same thing. What you need is a convertor that will convert the signals from the source (minidisc) to the Bus Audio In. This Bus Audio in is for CD Changers and that sort of thing. It is NOT and Aux In. The convertor costs around $100, so I'm personally trying to design it myself. If you guys have any insight in the specifacations I need to design it to, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hot damn, looks like there's a few of us in the same boat here!

I want to put my iPod through it. No go of course!

I'll bookmark this page and maybe Alex or someone else will come up with something.
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