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soooo i walk into the shop i work at up here at school and my boss says im hooking up two solo x 18s in my denali ...

given hes had
4 JL w6v2 13.5s with 2 JL 1000/1s
4 L7 15s with a zx 1000 on each of em

the guy is no joke .. plus he has dual 300 amp alts to play with .. can u say current .. lol

any ways ... i got in the back get 2 18s ... yea they are enourmous ... weigh about 60 pounds easy
then he says .. go get two zx2500s ...

so he pulls his car up .. box already built ... sneaky bast@rd ... we put em in hooked up the amps ... and i saw down in the drivers seat ... and put the TL on the dash ... 163.4 164.2 164.4

so we did it with music ... peaked at 150.6
average was 145-147

just giving u a good story to tell the kiddies hehe

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They weigh about 100 pounds lol.Sixty pounds is way off lol.I hit a 146.8 playing music with my Single 18'' Solo X but my gain was down low :-) and that was only with about 3k Watts RMS.

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Just imagine 10000 watts RMS on both of those.OMG

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hey mike, what shop you work at?

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wont that sh*t break windows lol.

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you owuld think so wouldnt you?
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