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okay.. i just hooked up my system.. or an attempt anyways.. lemme give you a run-down of what is going on soo you can help better. First.. i replaced the fuse that allows HU to turn on, inside lights, horn, and power attenna.. this power attennas motor was busted and kept going and draining battery... soo i snipped the wire that went to it.

Now i installed my box ( wired subs in parallel ) for 1ohm impedence.. then connected the 14 gauge wiring from each sub to the (-) and (+) on the amp.. now i ran my power for the amp.. hooked first side to amp
then ran up to front hood... and hooked up to the positive terminal ( with no ring connector just stripped 4 guage and did best to connect it to (+) terminal) i hooked ground up for the amp.. to chassis in trunk... then ran the RCA cables from rear output on HU back to the input on the amp... DONE RIGHT? well i proceeded to test it out and the HU plays cds.. but doesnt make subs goo... i look at power LED on amplifier... and its not on... soo i was thinkin these are possible problems
1) get ring connector for positive terminal on battery..
2) check the ground and be sure that its well brushed for shiny metal to remove paint or w/e
3) RCA cables not goo quality.. ( they look kinda skinny )
4) whats this remote lead? since i no long use my attenna? >> i still get radio though.

PLEASE HELP lol im dying to get some bass pounding and post some vids and pics! lol and showup peeps at my school lol.

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You need to connect the remote wire (not power antenna) from your HU to the remote terminal on your amp.

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On your amp there is a terminal marcked rem. You need power, 12v going to that to. its what turns the amp on and off. it should be hooked up to the bleu/white wire coming out of the back of your HU.

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its pry the remote...hook it up to the probably blue and white wire...not the antenna one...(usually the plain blue)

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yeah, you have to hook the REM wire up to the amp. either run a wire from the REM output on the back of the HU (blue wire, but don't mix up REM and Power ANT) to the REM input on the amps.

or run a wire from an ACC (not constant) output on your fuse box to the REM input on your amp.

first is easiest and reccomended. the REM wire is what will turn your amps on.
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