AA Subwoofer popping???


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SO i have had my ascendant audio Atlas 12" for about a year now and love the sound (ran by a RF 250.2 amp). About 2 weeks ago i started my blazer up and heard a pop before the music came on, but then the sub sounded normal so i didnt worry about it. The last few days however my sub "pops" at low volumes about every 20-30 seconds. Only at low volumes though and in between pops it sounds normal. Is my sub going bad, or my amp, or could it be a bad connection somewhere?
thanks guys

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what does the "pop" sound like, like some1 slaping it, or a scratchy sound, the sub could be going bad, or something shorted out.

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Not the sub. The sub only does what the amp says.

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No not a scratchy sound. Is as if you punched it i guess. Or if you put your lips together then open them, but a little lower in sound( hopefully that didnt sound too g@y). Also I swapped batteries about a month ago I wonder if there is a loose connection on a terminal.

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Sounds like an issue with the amp's soft-turn on chip.. it could be (going) faulty.

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try turning the gain down.

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check the connectoins, Could be voltage jumping a gap of weak connectivity.
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