First vid of my system


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Compared to some of you people on here my system is peanuts but it's still nice. I was going for SQ mainly.
Infinity Kappas 6X8s in my doors

10'' Diamond Audio D910D4 sub in a ported fiberglass box tuned to 32hz

Diamond Audio D3400.4

MA audio HK400D

The camera isnt accurate for the SPL. Seems like the mic in it barely picks up bass and filters out high dbs lol. When I walk away it gets louder haha. You can see my door flex though.

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nice vid. nice song selection too.

btw how much are you selling the truck for?

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I would part with it for 6,600$. I tell most people 7,000$ though.

Its a 2001 XL with 63k miles. Treated real well. I just want a bigger truck with 4x4. One with a lift and extended cab.

Maybe a Z71 chevy or F150 FX4. My family isn't really ford people. But I'm not going to deny that they make some good work trucks.

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i hate fords dodge all the way i love my dads 2500 for working. that thing will haul any and everything. a yard a stone is not even like a load for that dodge. at least go for a GMC/Chevy the sound system in my dads is bad though, mainly from my abuse though it just needs some kappas components all around and maybe a couple 8's or a 10

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Don't start a pickup truck fight please.

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chevy all the way, and dodge isnt bad, the ford lightnings are all right. that song hits hard? i havnt got the chanve to hear it on my system yet
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