OT go go gadget car!


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Username: Wingmanalive

Pine hill, Nj US

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Registered: Jun-06

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Username: Oglejust

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Registered: Aug-06
dude thats bad @ss

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Username: Chaunb3400

Huntsville, Alabama U.S.

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yeah i like how u can see the people doing it

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Username: Shawn_fleming

Gainesville, Florida

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yeah I have seen that car before on another board, I believe it is in Dubai.

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Username: Delsole

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that is bad @ss but i dont think he can drive it unless he got hydro's, cuz it to droped and the tire are to pushed in

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Username: Eezom

Naperville, IL United States

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naw a lot of ppl there got their wheels pushed in and they drive fine. lol and i dont see the point of having doors spin around like that... maybe to distract the cops while the driver runs away hahaha

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Username: Riskyb

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Doing that to wheels is called chamfer and it gives you better traction and also gets you super low. Also wears out tires faster. Man those dancing doors are so tight.

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Username: Djbeanpole

Naptown, Indiana USA

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Username: Troy81

Tavernier, Fl Us

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well, i like the hood trunk and front doors, i dont like the stupid a$s camber angle on the wheels and i HATE the rear doors, i think it looks alright other then those, also... why would you paint it white?

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Username: Gavbo211


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That may be the worst idea i have ever seen... what a waste of money. Not to mention the thing looks retarded with the wheels tucked in like that. And all that money... wasted on an accord... let alone four door. its enough to make a muscle car enthusiast cry... haha.

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Username: Astrosafari

Delhi, Ontario Canada

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some times with bags on it the tires go in like that. or when its lowered wrong. or camber angle.
that car is weet. i should do that with the slider on my van
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