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Im wandering how do people get fiberglass to stick to their car? like a sub enclosure that fills the trunk how do you get it to stick to the car

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it doenst stick to the actuall car. it is usually just bolted down

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if it sticks, then you did it wrong and it'd be don't really want that.

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can u make ported fiberglass boxes or is it really hard

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anybody but u can make them

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what about molding kicks and adding a pair of 6 1/2 components in each side. I have a 91 caddy deville. any help or links to websites to walk me through it would be nice

this is my lay out:
Pioneer Premier 860
Alpine V12 345
Diamond Audio D6 5 1/4 components
Diamond Audio D6 6 1/2 components
Kicker 4 06s15L7d2
Memphis Audio 2 mojo's
stinger 290 amp alt
stinger dry cell deep cycle
die hard gold under hood

1/0 guage wire w/upgraded factory wiring to 1/0

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fiberglass work is extremely tedious, and time consuming. It takes a lot of practice. I hihgly reccomend buying some and practicing on test products first and work with dry times and what not. You need a fiberglass suit and a belt or disc sander and a good quality respirator. This isnt a level 1 task it takes time and knowledge.

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It's really not as hard as some people make it out to be.

For starters you don't NEED:
a fiberglass suit (you can just use gloves)
a 'good quality' respirator(just do it in a well ventilated area like outside)
a belt or disc sander (helps out alot but you could do it by hand if you had to)

As far as time goes you could do it in a weekend if you worked on it 9 to 5 both days easily. All depends on how intricate of a design your using.

Generally fiberglass enclosures are sealed because calculating the volume of designs with curves is difficult. However, the one I built for myself is ported. I got a rough measurement of the volume by filling it with foam packing peanuts.

I think as far as taking alot of practice goes thats pretty subjective. If you read alot on it and take your time and not half @ss the steps to building it I don't think it's very hard. Think about it awhile before you begin to build it. Measure twice and cut once.

Here is a tutorial:

Another very important thing is that this project will not be cheap. If you want a decent one I would say budget about 120$. If you want to go all out It will cost even more than that.

This is what I paid for my materials at an automotive supply store

Two Fiberglass packages 27$
A gallon of Marine grade resin 20$
A 4' X 8' sheet of MDF 20$
5/8'' wooden dowels 8$
A yard of Stretchy polyester fabric 16$
Duplicolor paint 14$
High build primer 14$
Sandpaper 25$

There were other things like staples a few wood screws and some silicone caulk but I already had that sitting around. My project turned out cheaper because I didnt buy car paint and clear coat that you spray on with a gun. Rattle can paints work fine but if you want to go all out that car paint is going to be another 80$ or so.

My finished project 1rst time:

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well that box is mostly constructed of wood.. not to knock the box it looks good.. but a fully fibreglass box moulded to an area of your car can get pretty complexe.. mounting of the ring where you cut the base mould will all change the shape.. applying the fibreglass to round edges and corners can be frusterating sometimes as your always trying to get rid of air bubbles

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just search on google and other car auido fourms and stuff. there are tons of walk threws. its not that hard but then again i have had expericane fiberglassing befor on boats. i will probly be making some kick pannels hopefully soon

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Your right it would be a little bit harder to do it that way. It depends on the car but for my application it was unecessary. The link I posted is a great walkthrough for both types.

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lol, funny thing is I learned fiberglass very very fast, mixing resin, coating, sanding....

and to answer his question, fiberglass will stick to any surface... just ruff the surface up, for corners of his trunk he can use tiger-hairs, it turns stronger than steel! and hard as hell to sand once dried....

here is some of my fiberglass work we did on this Monte Carlo that was @ the FUNK MASTER FLEX SHOW we hosted...

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ill try to find more pics, cause those show just trunk... but its a MEMPHIS MONTE CARLO... all memphis, with the memphis orange paint, with ghost flames, tvs in the outer side windows... built into the dash etc... yall got to see the interior and the exterior....

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here is a few pics from outside the show... NSPL finals...
yall shoulda seen the vehicles INDOORS.... AMAZING! .html#000008

the 160.5 is what we burped after a 2day build... :-O
1 TREO SSX, 2 ALPINE Rs (1 blown), 2 MOJOS <<< all 15"

so basically 4 subs and 1 amp... MOJO 4KW
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