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Username: Troy81

Tavernier, Fl Us

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Username: Rideredder

Cornell, IL USA

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Registered: Sep-05
Hmmm... is right. Looks like a nice sub though. Very tempting.

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Username: Frkkevin

Lake Worth, Texas US

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Registered: Nov-05
KOVE makes some good equipment but for $100 more I can get a DD 9500..

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Username: Bestmankind

Los Angeles, CA USA

Post Number: 5248
Registered: Oct-05
that sub does look like a killer.

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Username: Sb2012

Iowa US

Post Number: 147
Registered: Jul-06
ive heard the armageeddons and they will get very loud

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Username: Jakeyplaysbass

St. Louis, MO

Post Number: 1445
Registered: Jul-05
very similar to the SSx. they fall apart easy, and dont have quite the build quality of treo or DD but can get nasty loud.

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Username: Delsole

Post Number: 656
Registered: Feb-05
whats the point if its gonna break a while down the road after you get it
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