Air leak in box


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ok so i just built a new box and used a different wire cup terminal thing than i normally use and it was completely full of air leaks. i was like forget it so i just caulked all around it and i can still kinda hear some air leaking out of it. i put more caulk in it and duct taped over it and im gonna see if that fixes it, but i have a question about it. when i push the center of my sub in a lil (12" rl-p) it pulls back out slowly. is it because there is still an air leak in the box? im thinking about just buying a prefab box cuz its just sealed, it just makes me mad cuz ive used the same terminal cups with no problems but they didnt have them this time so i got a new one and its all messed up. ill prob end up getting a new box anyways but i was just wondering if its normal for the sub i have to push back out kinda slowly when you push the cone in. thanks.

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maybe it just has a loose suspension?

i don't see how that would make the subs suspension any different unless the subbox was sealed. cus it shoudln't matter if the sub is in a ported box.

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I was reading the manual for my kicker and it stated that when you push the cone in while the sub is in a sealed box it should take about 5 seconds for the cone to come back to normal if the box is sealed good. im guessing this applies to any type of sub in a sealed box

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o ok yea it is in a sealed box so i guess thats a good thing that it is doing that. i had a ported box before so im not used to that. i guess its pretty sealed now not hearing any air leaks. thanks guys.

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if caulking won't do it get you some fiberglass resin and fill in the terminal until its flush on the inside of the box.. make sure to leave room for the output prongs are not covered :-)
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