OT: Is this a load of shit?


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Well I posted this thread once and it seemed like it just vanished into thin air... whatever.

Anyway, I am really skeptical of this thing, is there any possibility it works?


I am looking for a way to increase the horsepower in my 91 Accord. I already have a cold air intake and cat-back exhaust system. Is there anything else I can do?

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IF I remember right, I saw this thing on something like Car and Driver TV, where they were testing several things that are supposed to increase your gas mileage, and none of them worked. and the thing that you are looking at there, is just the stainless steel looking gadget inside the hose. So I would say no, don't get it. or try googling it and see what kind of reviews you can find on it. seems kinda high priced for the little thing it is

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dont buy that. it dont work. my friend bought one and it was the biggest mistake he made.

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Motors have backpressure with something at sucha low amount of pressure and not having an exaust chamber it wont do diddly squat.

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well there are a couple electric superchargers that are legit and work well but they cost almost as much as a real turbo so if i was u i would prolly stay away from it but u know it is lifetime warrenty and i wouldent mind a good review u could check it out and se if its any good.

for cheap HP try spark plugs ,spark plug wires ,cam gears, lightweight pully's, headers if u dont got them already.

google it theres all kinds of stuff for that car
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