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I tried to search for something a topic that would clear this up, but I couldn't find one, so here's my problem:

I have Infinity 6.5" Kappa Perfect 6.1 component speakers in the front of my car, but the audio that comes out of them is unclear/staticy. I have Infinity Kappa 63.7 component speakers in the back that sound SOOO much better. cymbal crashes are clear in the back but are muddied in the front.

I'm using a 4-year old alpine deck with 50Wx4 output
These speakers are installed in an Acura RSX Type S

My friend says that amping the speakers might fix the problem.
Another friend says it might be the deck.

I don't understand why an amp would make a difference. The speakers in the back only have 10W less max power.
...and I don't see how it could be the deck because why would the back speakers sound fine, and the front speakers not?

Can someone kindly help? I'm not that car audio savvy. Thanks

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the amp should be fine unless you have the gains up too high and they're distorting the signal. The tweets on the Perfects suck. The CMMD thing is terrible and more than likely its just those tweets. I hated them when I tested out Infinity. In all honesty get a different brand like JL, Kenwood Excelon, CDT, Boston, or something else in that class of speakers

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Before you swap, check the phase of the tweeters, it's possible (although not entirely probable) that one is out of phase. It also could be install related, where are they located? Your friend is right that they need an amp, but more in general, not specific to your current issue.

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My first impulse was the phase issue bob mentioned (+ and - switched). Definately make sure to take a look at that. Are the issues only at high volumes? If that's the case then it could certainly be a case of not giving them enough power (keep in mind that the 50W that your deck provides is a Max rating, not an RMS rating).

If you're having problems at all volume levels definately check the phasing and make sure you have your crossovers set up properly. You may also want to check the preout connections from your deck to your fronts to make sure it's not a simple wiring issue.

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Thanks for the posts guys.

In response to alteraudiousa, the distortion is at any level, low or high. I would think that the tweeters in the front would be exactly the same as the ones in the back, or better since the front speakers cost about $100 more, but they sound terrible in comparison. Bunk speakers maybe?

bob impact...how do I check the phase? The alpine deck more specifically is the CDA-7894 and my friend says I don't have much for EQ adjustments compared to other decks he's seen. The tweeters are located in the front corners on top of the dash, almost touching the windshield.

Darek...from what you said the problem sounds more like it might be the lack of an amp, since the max power is 400W for the front speakers. I'll see if I can check for a wiring issue this weekend.

The crossover controls on my deck are set to:
HPF: 120HZ
...if that might help at all

Thanks very much again!

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To check your phasing you just need to make sure you have the + and - speaker leads connected to the proper terminal on the speakers. That means checking the connections from the deck to the crossover and from the crossover to the drivers.

And I'll jump in here and say waht everyone will tell you, Max power ratings are almost completely useless. The only numbers that really matter for your speakers are the RMS, continuous, or nominal power handling numbers. For speakers you'll generally have a suggested range, something like 2-90 or 10-60 or whatever, and that's the amount of continuous power they require to opperate properly. Obviously, if you're giving them an amount in the high end of the range you'll usually get better and or louder sound. The RMS rating on those Kappa Perfects is up to 100W, and as I mentioned in my last post, your deck is probably only putting out around 18W RMS, so while the Kappas could stand a bit more power and would certainly sound better, depending on how severe the static is, it sounds to me like you have a seperate issue. Even if you're not powering them to their full potential they shouldn't be producing static.
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