I'm wanting some entry-level components for now. I've looked at Boston, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood & Infinity. What is the best as far as sound. Don't like a lot of ear-piercing highs, like more low tones w/ some bass hit. Thanks!

Alpine is going to be a lot more mid bass then the rest, but the highs are still bright. You have to understand though that components are designed for highs, not bass. Infinity is by far the brightest highs though, so stay away from them if you think you want more lows.

Infinity drivers are very efficient though. Their subs for example are 10 times more efficient than, say MTX, Polk and Rockford. That would litterally make a 10 watt amp sound like a 100 watt amp. We are talking entry-level here - buy a high output Pioneer or Sony head unit for $150. Combine them with some Infinity speakers and avoid having to by an amp until you can afford a sub.

Oh, yeah. Turn the treeble down a little.

Hope this helps.

i'm trying to make big sound with only 1 speaker;10'' 600 watt super pro. i have a kenwood 350 watt amp that sounds alot better than my 450 watt DHD amp on the same speaker! i wanted to know what can i do to make it beat harder, do i need to max out my speaker with a 600 watt amp or should i go under the 350;200 watt amp like i did before; from 450-350? i want all bass levels if possible with one speaker! please help me out! i have insufficient room for more speakers in the trunk of my 77 nova

First thing, how much is your budget? second, you got an amplifier? If you have just the head unit a good coaxial system is perfect. JBL or Infinity
is OK, 40-50 watts, 90-92db efficiency, 4 ohm,
about 40-45$ have fun
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