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Hey guys. I am new to car audio and these boards. I am just looking for a suggestion on an amp. Here is what I have so far:


SUB: search=infinity+kappa+perfect

Also, how much power can I expect from a single 12"? Someone told me it would be "plenty of power" at a retail store, but I assume you guys would know better. I listen to drum&bass pretty loud so that is the intended use.

Thanks for your help everyone. I don't want to get shafted when I head to Tweeter next week for the install.

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thats a good headunit, never heard the kappa perfect sub but its mainly an sq driver so i would expcet decent bass but maybe not "plenty of power" whats your budget for amp and sub maybe we can find something better. and i wouldnt suggest buying from crutchfild becasue they are so expensive

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I'd like to stay under 500 for the amp. Unfortunately I already purchased that Sub. Should I get another one perhaps?

Also, do I need to amp my componant speakers? They are also Infinity with better than paper cones (not sure exactly). Thus far the Alpine seems to deliver enough amp'age to the front.

One odd thing is... I have a front center speaker and the installer said he would have to simply cut that one out. o_O

Is there really no way to run a center line from that HU?

Anyway, thanks for the help.

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you can get one more sub and get a 700w rms amp at 1 or 4 ohms... that would be a "loud" clean system for you...

you can check some old school amps for your components but just run them in the front

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How does this one look?

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If you run your comp. at 2 ohms, then by using a Zapco, you can still have your center channel.


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tyler....just say no to audiobum

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Ok. I think I have this figured out. I'm going to stick with the single l_info&i=108PER121#Tabfor now

and get this amp for it:

then if I'm not satisfied I'll just double the setup. What do you guys think of that combo and do you think my stock electrical will be enough?

I'll worry about the door's and center channel later I guess. That amp is a little pricey.
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