Installing aftermarket HU in 96 Cadillac Deville


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Hey everyone. Just got off the phone with one of the "car radio expert sites", and they tell me that it is impossible to replace HU on a 96 Cadillac Deville...Something about the fact that all communications for the vehicle goes through the factory HU. Has anyone been successful at this before? I'm able to complete most wiring tasks, but I don't want to start if it would just end up being a waste of time. Thanks!

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some cars are very dificult to add aftermarket pieces to and there are quite a few that you really can't change the HU out in because of all the other things incoporated into it. but theres nothing keeping you from adding another unit and completely running new everything isolated from the stock for a nice sound system. you could go that route or you could keep the stock unit and either get a LOC or JL Cleansweep. i think Rockford makes a simular unit now too.

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you know bandon i was thinking the exact same thing about the rockford unit as i read the origianl post and you beat me too it! i just got a best buy add today for it and i think it cost about 300 bucks. seems like it might be worth a shot, you can even hook your ipod up to it.

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Hi Matt;

I was browsing around the net for something totally differrent for my 98 Caddy and saw your question.

I just had an aftermarket head unit installed in my 98 Deville, so it can be done with great success. I see no reason you couldn't do the same in a 96.
The trick is to find an installer who REALLY knows what he's doing. Someone that has no clue could do serious damage.
There are a number of things to consider:
Retained Accessory Power.
The security system you have (if any)
On Star (if any)
Keeping the steering wheel remote controls.

You can start by having a look at and hunting around for Cadillac, 1996 wires and parts.
Also look around
If this one doesn't fit, hunt around until your car matches the exact description.
Steering wheel interface:
Retained accessory power:

Again I am NOT saying these will work in YOUR car, but it's a good place to start finding which one will.

Just look around until you find all you need.
But above all, leave this to a very knowledgeable installer... Plugs WILL vary even in the same model year.

I found that having done a lot of research on the internet really helped me ask the right questions when picking an installer. If they say "you'll only loose the chimes" just walk away.
I choose one that does a lot of competition install, and sponsors local events. They are really familiar with all that stuff.

Now that all is done I have:
A new aftermarket head unit, with integrated CD, HD radio, external Sirius tuner, an auxiliary plug for my mp3/video player. New speakers in the car, a boom box and amplifier in the trunk (never thought I'd do that but the overall sound quality is fabulous!).
The HU is controlled from the steering wheel and the car still behaves exactly like it did with the factory radio.
i.e. the chime comes on if you open the door with the key in the ignition, the memroy seats still work, the radio stays on for a while when you switch the car off or until you open the door, etc...

While I was at it I installed an alarm and remote starter, which both require someone who will not mess your car's computer up also.

Next I am thinking of a in car bluetooth hands-free phone thingy... I just like my gadgets!
I hope this helps. I only registered on this forum to answer this query but doubt I'll return.
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