Dual Cd Players


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Nashville, TN United States

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i saw this tight ass cd player at car tronics and it was a dual brand "i never herd of this" i was wondering if its any good ?? here is the same 1 i saw...

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Dual is the same thing as Jensen-they're junk.

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I have the Dual cd player in question. I have owned it for about six months and I am not impressed. Although it looks cool, it seems to skip quite frequently. I have had a few cd's get stuck, and also some error messages because it was not able to read the cd's.

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Yep, Dual is all looks no performance.

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yea Dual sucks, you hould go with Pioneer Premiere They'll never skip

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all talk and no action

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I'm getting ready to replace my Dual POS. I bought it in March and it is skipping so bad I can hardly use it. It's just getting worse and worse.

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yeah... I had a dual 7600 and it skipped soo bad I couldn't even hook a system up to it and listen to cd had to roll around with the tuner with a 15" mojo...pittyful...they look cool but not worth it...go with a pioneer...them things dont skip for anything..I got a 6800 pioneer and love it...spend the extra money and get somehintg u will keep!!

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They look hideous to me. aka ugly.

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Username: Makmillion

MN United States

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That's funny that you guys have had problems with DUAL units.. I'm currently running a XDVD8180 A/V unit with 2 15" Eclipse 88150.4's running on an xtant x1001. I've got about 1200 watts flowing through my car and my head unit hasn't skipped yet.

I believe it lies more in installation error.. if you don't install it correctly you won't get the most out of it.

The screen resolution is 110% better than any I've ever seen... it reads any disc you put in it, except game discs of course... the touchscreen is nice and smooth unlike the alpine, kenwood and pioneer units and it has time alignment with speaker size adjustment built in as well :-)

I guess my point is, install your head unit correctly and you won't have problems with it. Don't buy the 99 dollar special at walmart, use it for a week and say all Dual/Jensen products are junk.. because you just don't know that.

Oh, and before you reply, keep in mind my last three head units were the Pioneer Premier DEH-P960MP, Pioneer Premier DEH-P860MP and Clarion VRX935VD (in order from most recent) so I know quality and though my newest head unit could use an external EQ, I like it better than my last three units.

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Mick their talking about some lo end pos Dual not what you have.

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I have the previous model to the one they are talking about and it works great. I have had a older model pioneer and and kenwood and the dual has been an excelant head unit and i think like Mick said it has alot to do with the install.

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thank you, also keep in mind that the cheaper the cost is (retail anyways) the cheaper the stereo is.. I tried to make it clear, but aparently didn't, that people give dual a bad name because of their low end stereos.

and an update, I fired my subs into my car, with the rear seat flipped down and it made my stereo skip today.. but I had over 1200 watts RMS pounding directly at the stereo.

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The deal with mine is this. Not sure if it could be an installation problem, or possibly a power problem but my deck skips really bad when it hasn't been used for awhile. Almost as if it needs to warm up. Once it gets going for awhile it seems to work fine. All I have are two 10" Bazooka tubes(don't laugh, they actually sound pretty good)hooked up to it. Each are only 100 watts and with the back seats down the car shakes pretty well. All of it was hooked up to my main car battery by my installer. It all worked fine until out of the blue it just started skipping one day. Not like the stereo itself is cutting out, just skipping. Suggestions?
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