Just a few questions about a box


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ok....I have a few questions about building a box. first of all does the back of the sub need to have any certain clearance between the box or would 1" be enough?? and another question I have is it ok if I were to put the sub on the top of the box and the port on the side or will that affect anything?? see picture.Upload

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@ least 2" from the back wall will be good so allow the subs "breath off heat" freely

i never done put any subs ontop of box & port on side (cause it looks kinda weird 2 me personally ) but i read thats what ppl do in hatchback vehicles 4 more SPL .......

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at least 2" should be good.

sub and port will be fine on diff. sides.

just don't put the port on the opposite wall of the sub. it does something wierd, i forget what though. lol

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ok...thanks..so like the above pic with the sub on top like that and port on side will work. I kinda had a problem cause Im gonna get a 15" rL-p off ebay but I never thought about how the box would fit in my trunk...so I had to think about how to get the box through the trunk opening and thats the only way that I think the bow will fit...but it kinda sucks cause I will have NO trunk room now.
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