Need some help - 96 Grand Prix


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I've read through several threads here on the boards, and even checked the links to wiring guides online. Nothing's really helping me.

Just bought a new deck, and now I'm wiring it up. The deck I've bought has less wires than my original stock deck. I believe the new deck has 12 wires, while the stock system has 17.

I've checked the sites, and it says that GM vehicles should have 14 wires. I've tried wiring the new deck up using those guides to no avail.

Basically, if I transpose what I've seen online, that leaves me with two extra Dark Green wires, and Light Green wire.

Also, I can't even get the head unit to illuminate or power up. The exception to this is that when I touched the head's white illumination wire to a yellow wire on the car, it lit up, but did not accept CDs or even turn on a clock or anything.

Hopefully someone here can help me out or give me some suggestions.

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did u buy a wiring harness????

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Justin,your stock radio came with Amp! and those two green add.wires for steering wheel radio controls.
This diagram exactly for your car
application/x-zip-compressedUpload (64.7 k)

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forgot:Pink wire, it's remote wire for Amp. that's why 17 wires.

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Gm wire colors havent changed in 30 years
Constant Orange
Accesory Yellow
Ground Black
Front left +/- Gray/tan
Front right Light green/green
Rear left Brown/yellow
Rear right Blue/Light blue
Unless you have a power antenna those are all teh wires you need

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BigBox would you happen to have all the wiring codes for a 97 grand prix, im hooking up an alpine deck and don't want to get the wires wrong. Thanks

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To bigbox:
You can't be seriously thinking straight. This request was Posted on Saturday, August 12, 2006 - 01:23 am: Please check the dates before posting.some sh!t like that!
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