I have a set of JL VR5.25cxi ...upgrade to polk momo's?


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Hi, I have a set of JL VR5.25cxi installed in my mustang front door panels. I hooked it up to my pioneer HU and it has some sq but no spl at all. Also worth noting is I used an adapter to fit the 5.25 into a 5x7 hole. When I have time, I'll install my mtx amp to power it but I have a question. Does anyone have experience with polk momo speakers? I was thinking about getting the Polk Audio MOMO Carbon MMC 570 2-Way Speakers.

Should I stick with the JL's or upgrade to polk momo's? I've heard good things about them and for only $100 new, it's a bargain. Bytheway, these speakers are all coaxial as I don't know how to install components, nor have the time to do so. I'm sure one day I'll learn how to do it. Thanks for the help.

One more question, is there a way to adjust the tweeters that are built in the coaxials to shoot slightly upward? I notice the sound always hits directly at my legs, which is pretty bad positioning. I don't quite have the money to get it professionally mounted into a picker panel bytheway. Thanks again

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Your aftermarket headunit should only let your speakers catch your highs and mids. You will notice a big difference in SQ and SPL when you install that amp.

I would keep the JLs over the polk's. Not worth the upgrade.

Im not sure about those JLs you have but, my Infinity kappas have tweeters you can swivel by pushing in and turning. Also they have a +3db to the tweeter control.

Installing components isn't that hard but its not super easy unless you have like a tahoe or something with separate holes already. Maybe you could cut your own speaker adapaters out of MDF and make a hole for your woofer and tweeter.

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anyone know where I can buy foam baffles? I think the air leak is affecting the sound as well. Can i buy at a local store? Maybe home depot has the material I can just do it myself?

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VR's no I would actually get the POlk Momo's instead. The VR's only have a so-so woofer to it, even in components they are lacking. The tweeter is good and detailed but the midrange is nothing like i'd expect from JL. The Polk Momo's will have a better midrange to it especially if amped. If you were looking into XR's i'd take the XR's over the Polk Momo's.
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